Is now a good time to sell?

Why do we buy or sell anything? Although we can make some illogical purchases at times, the logic behind buying or selling is usually pretty straight forward. When we buy something it’s usually because we have a perceived use for it and when we sell something we no longer have that same perceived use. While likely a much larger financial decision than most purchases and sales, buying or selling a home often follows this same simple logic: buy what you need and sell what you don’t.

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Where do I go if I sell?

In my latest newsletter, I described a story in which my 4 year-old, when practicing his printing, came across a question mark at the end of a sentence he was tracing. When asked if he knew what that curvy object is, he replied confidently, “Yes! It’s a mystery! While I found it to be quite a humorous response, I also found that it contained a lot of truth. Question marks are mysteries in that they refer to an unknown. And from my experience, people tend to fear what they do not know.

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