The March statistics will show that many areas and product types are in a sellers’ market; however, the reality of today’s market is significantly different and statistics, while at times informative, can sometimes be misleading. Today’s market has considerable variance dependent on a number of factors: namely location, product type, condition, seller motivation, price point, and inventory levels. As I indicated last month, the market is, at present, a bit of a mixed bag. There are properties that are sitting for lengthy periods of time and others that are selling quite quickly and in multiple offer situations. What is consistent between this market and others is that properties that are sharply priced and well-conditioned will continue to sell. In years previous, agents and sellers could make an error with their list price and the market, because of its rapid rate of increase, would catch up to anything that initially appeared to be overpriced. Pricing correctly is far more critical in this current market and having the expertise and insight of a knowledgeable and skilled full time real estate professional is highly advisable. This remains an excellent time to step into the market and to make that step up the property ladder from a condo or townhouse to a detached home. Should you or anyone you know be considering a move. Please give me a call, text, or email. I’m happy to hear from you, listen to your objectives, share my insight, and provide you with some valuable information to assist in your decision making process. Please click the following link if you’d like to get together for some coffee and conversation: